Our new client Exie

Hot off the press: Kate & Co. PR is thrilled to announce their newest client, Christina Exie, adding yet another client to their Retail and Consumer portfolio. We couldn’t be more proud to be collaborating with Christina, who is known for her success on Project Runway in 2012 and 10 years later is the successful Founder and […]

Rhodin’s overwhelming sales and followers within 5 days

$35,000 worth of sales in five days and 13k new Instagram followers! This is what happened to our client Rhodin this week after a pair of her sunglasses were worn and posted by Sascha Barboza. As any good publicity team would do, we jumped on this and pitched the incredible success to news.com.au which was syndicated nationally across News […]

Adaptive Clothing Collective at AAFW 2022

In a first for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW), adaptive, inclusive, and expressive clothing made for people with disabilities hit the runway on Thursday 12th May at Carriageworks, presented by the Adaptive Clothing Collective and produced by Seeker Agency. Featuring brands Christina Stephens and JAM the Label, the runway shone a very important spotlight on functional […]

Our 2022 annual Autumn/Winter agency showings

Kate & Co. PR proudly held their annual Autumn/Winter agency showings on Thursday 31st March, 2022 at the dreamy La Porte Space, located in Sydney. A list of 42 guests were treated to a day of style and sophistication as key fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands were presented. The picturesque setting was the perfect backdrop to […]

Désordre opens in Melbourne

On Thursday, 2nd December, Kate & Co. PR together with Founder and Creative Director Shannon Thomas opened Désordre’s highly anticipated first Melbourne boutique with an intimate celebration for VIP clients and guests. Fashion royalty Alex Perry, whose designer wears hang exclusively at Désordre, joined the celebrations as guest of honour. Attendees were treated to an […]