To announce Virgin Australia’s dedication to mental wellbeing, the organisation took to the skies for the world’s first ‘meditation flight’, in collaboration with wellbeing and mindfulness charity, Smiling Mind. Hosted by Sir Richard Branson, the event was widely attended by Sydney’s consumer lifestyle and travel media across print, online and broadcast.

Beginning in Sydney Airport’s Virgin Australia lounge, the space was transformed into a tropical ‘zen den’ with botanical walls, meditation corners and an impressive and colourful grazing table style breakfast, all assisting to set the tone for the event. 

Whilst calming aromas filled the room, media experienced a soothing massage by the ‘smoothfm angels’, breathing exercises in the meditation corner and a yoga class held by one of Australia’s go-to yogis, Sjana Earp, all with a view of the iconic Sydney runway. 

Following the pre-flight ‘zen den’ experiences media, VIPs and team members from Virgin Australia and Smiling Mind were guided to the VA9002 aircraft, as it departed on its first meditation flight, including Sir Richard Branson. All guests were treated to a hot towel service and hand massages from the smoothfm angels, before Smiling Mind led a guided meditation at 30,000 feet.

The event flight marked a new partnership between Virgin Australia and Smiling Mind and will give all Virgin Australia guests access to Smiling Mind guided meditations via the Inflight Entertainment System, enabling the reduction of stress and anxiety during air travel.